Keyholding & Alarm Response

Keyholding is an enormous responsibility to place on your staff and friends. Being called out on their own in the middle of the night, or during the weekend to a potentially high risk situation involving fire, flooding, damage or even a break in where the intruder could still be on the premises, can cause stress and anxiety to staff, family and friends alike.

New Guidelines agreed between the association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Health and Safety Executive point out most strongly the “duty of care” requirements an employer must follow to protect their employees in such circumstances.

ACPO regulations also spell out that police attendance at alarm activations will be withdrawn after two false calls in a 12 month rolling period and that companies must have two keyholders listed, who can attend the premises within 20 minutes.

Guarantor Security are a fully approved contractor with licensed personnel who can provide a 24/7 alarm response service for you, meeting your requirements and those of your insurance provider and leaving you and your staff free from the worries of keyholding responsibilities.

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