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KeyBank Control System

The key management system is to help you maintain total accountability of large quantities of keys.

  • * Secure Asset Protection
  • * Reduced Liabilities
  • * Increased Efficiency
  • * Reduced Replacement Costs
  • * Expandable

Designed as a replacement system for manual key storage and tracking, the KeyBank® key control system eliminates outdated key boxes and the paper chase created by outdated manual logs and provides extensive protection from liability issues. The key management system offers high-volume key facilities increased security and control, preventing unauthorized key access and reducing lost or misplaced keys. Computerized control and real-time accountability offers system managers increased productivity and reduced liability.

KeyBank® allows you to program and generate reports using the built-in, 12-button alphanumeric keypad and backlit LCD. The key storage system is capable of operating as a stand-alone unit or in combination with Morse Watchmans KeyPro™ Software that enhances the installing, programming, customizing, maintaining and reporting capabilities.

  • * Illuminated SmartKey locations
  • * Up to 2,000 programmable user codes
  • * Secure storage for up to 1,800 keys
  • * Built-in internal card reader interface
  • * 48-hour battery backup
  • * 18-gauge steel cabinet (13-gauge steel door)
  • * Tamper-proof smart key
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Active Track


A new security device that integrates a GPS receiver and a quad band GSM/GPRS phone for private two way communication. This advanced product can either be used indoors or outdoors because of the assisted A-GPS service that supports GPS signals from satellites by GSM/GPRS. A-GPS even makes positioning possible when satellite signals are very weak. Active Track is also equipped with an RFID reader if you have ID tags on site that need to be read.

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Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

Lone working device

MobileLWP is Crystal Ball’s award winning lone worker protection app that monitors the welfare of employees working independently in remote locations, or anywhere there may be a perceived risk to personal safety.

Fleet Tracking

Accessed via a secure web-based platform, FleetTracker displays “live” vehicle locations with continual traffic updates on Crystal Ball’s detailed mapping solution - which incorporates satellite, street level and hybrid views. It also offers a comprehensive reporting

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