Mobile Patrols

Weight Lifting Class


Our Mobile Patrol Service provides a comprehensive internal/external service 7 days a week all the year round providing a high profile presence in order to deter would be perpetrators. Duties vary considerably due to the unique requirements of each client and is tailored to suit your exact requirements.

We can be provided to any type of property and in addition we can provide Lone Worker checks and the locking and unlocking of premises together with any special client instructions.

Electronic Monitoring

All patrol visits are recorded using an electronic monitoring system (Active Track) which records in real time of each visit. This information is available for immediate inspection upon request.

The active track is a personal GPS, Real time guard monitoring, lone worker and Tracking.

All of our vehicles are tracked too!


Factories and Warehouses

Duties can include visiting the factories outside normal working hours to check and ensure no unauthorised person(s) were on site.

Construction Sites

We are the regions leading supplier of security services to the construction industry, client’s include local to major national Companies. Mobile Patrols are a cost effective solution whether a small or large site. Patrols provide a deterrent to would be perpetrators and can be set up for a short or longer term contract.

Vacant Premises Inspection

Whether vacated for a short period, going on holiday, an insurance necessity or repossession we can provide a service to safe guard and check of your property/premises small or large.

Commercial and Domestic

For more information on Vacant presmises inspections, click the link below,